Video Poker

Video Poker is an online card game which is based on five card draw poker. This is a great game for those of you who enjoy playing poker but don’t have time to sit down and play against other players. You don’t even have to play against the dealer. There are many different Video Poker games available online today and almost all of them will be available in the real money mode and in the free play demo mode. It is also worth having some kind of poker knowledge before sitting down to play this game.

Video Poker online today is now available across multiple platforms and it has been designed for use with almost every device. In other words, players from Australia, Canada and New Zealand can now enjoy playing Video Poker from the palm of their hand using a smartphone or tablet device, plus you can also enjoy playing from your Windows or Mac operating desktop or laptop computer. Let’s now take a quick look at some of the most basic rules to Video Poker.

After you have placed a wager that you are comfortable with, simply hit the draw button (or the deal button) and then you will instantly be dealt five cards. You will then have the option of being able to change one or more of those cards. The system usually suggests the best cards to hold by automatically holding them in place for you, or you can manually select and de-select the cards yourself.

The cards that you have decided to hold will remain in place and the ones that you didn’t hold will be discarded so that new cards can replace them. You can change anywhere from one to five cards and once you have made your decision and hit draw again, there is no way that you can go back and change your mind. This is the only time that you can change your cards and as soon as your new cards have been dealt, this will complete one round of Video Poker.

If you have won, you will be paid out instantly based on the strength of your hand and you can see how much each winning hand is worth by viewing the paytable. The best possible hand is a royal flush and this will pay the top prize. If you are playing progressive jackpot video poker the royal flush will usually trigger the progressive jackpot. Unfortunately a high card doesn’t normally count as a win and you will find that it is usually a pair or higher that you need to receive some kind of payout.

Once you have learned how to play on one particular version of Video Poker all of the other versions should be just as easy to learn how to play. Don’t forget that you can find single hand Video Poker games and also multihand Video Poker games which allow you in some cases to play up to as many as 100 hands at a time. Beginners should start with single hand varieties and it would also be a good idea to practice in the free play mode to begin with.